Monday, April 19, 2010

All-COAST Meeting: Calligraphy Workshop

One of our last all-COAST meetings of the year, Mr. Andrus is giving a Calligraphy Workshop on Thursday night (the 22nd) from 6:30-8p in Art 115.

Come have fun learning a beautiful new artistic technique. A great break from the stresses of the semester, and a fun time with your fellow art students.

We'd also really appreciate you take a second to RSVP to the Facebook Event, so we have plenty of materials for everyone (though you don't have to, to come anyway).
See you there!

-KWA :)

The Crossing: behind the scenes

Once again, thank you everyone for coming out to see the premier of COAST's first annual SFS short film. Stay posted for information on how to get the DVD.

Something I forgot to mention was that at the premier Andrew Armstrong, the president of COAST, announced the second annual short film production. COAST invites you to be part of next year's big production! The Student Filmmaker Society will be taking script submissions Fall semester, 2010. You're script could be the next movie we produce. So if you have a script idea, start writing now!

Check out this Facebook photo album to see more photos from the premier. Also, become a fan of The Crossing fan page on Facebook for more content.

Here is the latest movie trailer, edited by Steven Wold, that made its first appearance at the Arties in March.

Okay, now for some behind the scenes photos:
This album has photos from the auditions
and this album has photos from our location scouting.

I'll update this post soon with more links to photos.

Jesse Daniel

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Crossing: Update

On Friday evening JBU students, faculty, and other ladies and gentlemen packed into the Bynum Theater to see the first showing of The Crossing.

For the first COAST SFS annual student film, I think it's a good start. Over 40 JBU students were involved in the making of this film, and it is definitely something each one of them can be proud of.

This whole semester has been filled with production work and with students putting in long hours to shoot and edit this film. The last day of shooting involved three locations and lasted over 14 hours for the crew and some of the actors. Powered by sugar, caffeine, and determination, several students ignored the existence of sleep in order to finish the editing in time for the premier.

I directed the film and put a lot of hours into the making of it, but The Crossing can't rightly be called my film. So many students took responsibility and fulfilled their roles, remained dedicated through the whole production, and on many occasions went beyond the call of duty to make this thing happen.

That's what I'm so excited about; the fact that so many people put so much work into this film. This wasn't a class project they did for a grade. This was film making for the love of film making. Coming out of this, those who were on the cast and crew now have extra experience and skills they can take to the next COAST film, their own class projects, even a job or internship on a crew. To those who worked on this film, I congratulate you for a job well done.

We're still working on some editing tweaks, but in the meantime we will be showing the film several more times in the JBU Art Building. Stay posted for more info on the schedule.

We had a lot of fun making this film and would love to share some of our experience with you. Check back later for more behind the scenes photos and information. For now, check out this map to see the places where we shot the movie.

Thanks everyone for coming to see the premier!

Jesse Daniel