Monday, January 25, 2010

Calling all Creatives (for SFS film production)

Hello, Creatives!
Because a movie is the great culmination of every single art form, we know that we need you and your unique creative skills to make this new production a success.
COAST's (Communication Art STudents) cinema branch, SFS (or Student Filmmakers Society), is in the midst of their first annual short film. Last semester was spent writing the script and some other pre-production stuff. This semester we have some of the finishing pre-production work to do before shooting principle photography (filming the scenes) as soon as possible in February, in time for post production by the end of March. This short will be ready in time for the Arties/Student Works Show in April, so we have a lot of exciting work to do.

The Perks:
Production to be submitted to several reputable film festivals
Gain valuable experience and knowledge as you work on sets with a real crew
Great for Demo Reels and Resumes
Super fun, creative atmosphere to 'get your feet wet'

The Picture:
As written by the Director-
"The film is set in a Russian speaking country and follows a smuggler through his missions, determination, fears, and dedication to the cause he is aiding. The story involves suspense, fear, and faith. Although this film includes Christian elements our goal is not to produce a preachy 'Christian' film. We aim to produce a film that will be recognized for its good story and quality production value."

We Need:
Graphic Designers
3D artists
Computer Graphics/Animation artists
Even people just good at organization and details!

We want any of you who would be interested in working on a film production outside of class to lend your talents as soon as possible. There are lots of crew (and cast) roles to be filled.
Attached is a form our Director has made up, to quickly get us your information. Please fill that out and send it back to Jesse Daniel ( soon.

Actors, we are also holding a casting call this Wednesday night (the 27th) from 6:30-9 somewhere on campus, TBD. Please spread the word and come by (we'll get the location to you ASAP).

For questions or more information contact:
Jesse Daniel- 2817050026,
Jonathan Daniel-2817053920,
Michael Bruner-4792283743,

Thanks so much, and we look forward to working with you!
-Krystal Wight Armstrong :)