Monday, February 22, 2010

COAST's Quartermaster production update

The 1st Annual COAST SFS short film production is well under way. We are already almost 1/2 way through, having completed principle photography for 7 of 16 script pages. And things are going really well.

One very short teaser has already been edited and put together with music, by Producer, Andrew Armstrong (see below). The Quartermaster also has it's own Facebook page now, where you can view the teaser in full HD!

The little bit of footage seen in this first cut together teaser is already receiving big praise, and looks top of the line, rivaling some of the best HD video currently being produced in the mainstream.

Director, Jesse Daniel, specifically points out how integral his amazing crew has been through the whole production. He explains how great it is that with each shoot they only get better and better at working cohesively as a team and getting things going smoothly and with professionalism...really aiding in the great turn out of footage we're seeing so far.

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If you'd like to become a part of this project and help in any way, feel free to contact one of the following, below:

Jonathan Daniel, 1st Assistant Director
Jesse Daniel, Director

Vanessa Duenas, Unit Production Manager

Happy Week, All!
-Krystal :)