Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"The Quartermaster"

Production Update, 02/10/2010


Call-back auditions were held Monday, February 1.

These auditions will help to determine which actors

will fill one remaining lead role and two remaining

supporting roles, they serve as follow-up to the

initial auditions held the previous week, enabling

Director Jesse Daniel to narrow his options and

make the best possible casting decision about key

roles in the upcoming film. So far, the production

has formally hired eight actors and is in the

process of choosing two more.


The production team of “The Quartermaster” is

expanding rapidly as students and faculty across

the JBU campus begin to gain interest in the

project. In the first week of February alone the

production has hired three Russian translators,

two production photographers, two camera operators

and a graphic designer. Some positions that still

need to be filled include Editors, Production Assistants,

Gaffers, Sound Technicians and additional volunteers

for a PR team.


“The Quartermaster” will be the first COAST film to

be shot entirely on digital SLR cameras. Using

this cutting-edge technology, in combination with

the innovative Redrock Micro System (provided by

the Digital Media Department at JBU), the

filmmakers will be able to shoot in the very best

high-definition video, with all the advantages of a

flexible, handheld camera system.


In order to make the most of the available time

frame, the producers of “The Quartermaster” are

fast-tracking the production schedule, and plan to

begin principle photography on 02/11/2010.

Although production is already well underway,

additional help is still welcomed.

For information about how you can volunteer to help

on the production of “The Quartermaster” and

receive title credit for your work, please contact

one of the following people.

Andrew Armstrong – Producer

Robert Burleson – Associate Producer

Jesse Daniel – Director

Vanessa Duenas - Unit Production Manager